Prabhakar is the only boy who attended classes as a Day School student in Lord Jesus School from Gangnapur village. He came to the classes in the morning and left the school after the classes, in the afternoon. Then he went back to his parents' house and did his homework on the veranda of the small farm. His academic performance developed very well, so he was able to attend grade 10 to 12 at St. Mary School in Ranaghat and graduate. Donations made his college degree possible, as it was not possible for his parents to pay the school fees.

His big dream is to become a surgeon. In India, the monthly cost of studying at a private and Christian college is very high, but they have the reputation of being the best. The equipment and the professors there are on a high level. Financing such studies is not possible for parents, as they would have to pay almost 1500 euros a month for it.

My dearest wish would be if several sponsors could join together and so this sum could be paid monthly. This would enable Prabhakar to complete his medical studies.

Please contact me at if you would like to participate in this circle of donations.

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